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Graffiti Removal & Treatment

North East Based Graffiti Treatment Services

For specialist graffiti removal and graffiti prevention treatment services in Weardale, Teesdale, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Teesside and the North East, simply contact Finley Property Services today.

Our specialist family team can assist you with your graffiti removal requirements of all types. Graffiti is the scourge of modern society where the mindless do untold damage to other peoples personal property. This is not restricted only to public sector areas, it is also having a serious impact on commercial and even residential environments. Once graffiti commences in a particular location or area, then it appears to attract more and more graffiti. Not only is this unsightly and illegal, but it can actually lead to the decline of areas visually and socially and possibly lead to an increase in associated crime and a decrease in property values. 

Graffiti Prevention Treatment Services

There are a whole range of graffiti removal processes that we can undertake, ranging from pressure washing, chemical cleaning to even blast cleaning techniques, dependent on the individual nature of the graffiti itself. Obviously our professional team specialises in non-destructive techniques for the removal of your particular graffiti problem. It is important to realise the graffiti, and the materials used to create the graffiti, vary significantly across a range of different types of paint, acrylics, marker pens, felt pens, ballpoint pens, chalk and even adhesive materials and glues.

Our aim is always to restore your graffiti surfaces to their original state whereever possible and we always endeavour to provide you with a low-cost high-value solution to your problems. 

Our specialist graffiti removal techniques utilise non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly, chemical cleaning materials in conjunction with either pressure washing and blast cleaning for a varied range of porous and non-porous surfaces including concrete, brick, stone, metals, plastics and glass.

As well as graffiti removal, we can also undertake a variety of graffiti prevention techniques by treating the surfaces of your buildings, features and facilities to prevent or to reduce the impact of future graffiti attacks and make future graffiti removal less of a problem and cost. Our anti-graffiti protective coatings can prove to be very effective in combating this anti-social assault on your property.

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