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Blast Cleaning & Shot Blasting

North East Based Shot Blasting and Blast Cleaning

Shot blasting, blast cleaning, sand blasting and grit blasting services in Weardale, Teesdale, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Teesside and the North East are provided by the experienced and professional family team at Finley Property Services. In simple terms these processes are an effective method of cleaning a wide variety of materials and surfaces such as stone, brick, wood and metal by blasting abrasive grit at them with compressed air under controlled pressure to suit the resistance of the surface material.

It must be remembered that the use of sand in blasting is now illegal because of the hazardous affects associated with it. Therefore the various grades of abrasive grit that we use are silica-free, environmentally friendly, health friendly made from recycled materials.

Sand Blasting and Blast Cleaning 

Our mobile sand blasting, grit blasting and blast cleaning service offers professional shot blasting to both the trade and to the general public throughout Weardale, Teesdale, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Teesside and the North East, therefore serving both commercial and domestic customers removing paint, mortar, cement, dirt, grease, algae, contaminants, fire smoke damage, graffiti, rust and corrosion from many types of stone, brick and metal structures. We also undertake insurance work.

Our experienced, professional team undertake high quality work and provide excellent customer service for our shot blasting, blast cleaning, sand blasting and grit blasting services in County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Teesside and the North East. Examples of our services include;

Domestic and Residential Properties, Buildings and Structures

Houses, bungalows, garages, barn conversions, building restoration, conservation work, maintenance, grade 1 and 2 listed buildings, block paved drives, patios, stone floors, concrete floors, internal walls, external walls, swimming pools and drain cleaning.

Commercial and Industrial Properties, Buildings and Structures

Factories, warehouses, industrial buildings, Industrial units, farm buildings, car parks, paths, bridges, subways, steel /metal / wood / brick / stone structures, swimming pools and concrete floors, including both internal and external environments.

Brickwork Surfaces

Internal and external walls and fireplaces.

Stonework Surfaces

Internal and external walls and fireplaces.


Timber Surfaces

Old oak beams, soft wood, new green oak preparation, wood fences and decking - removing handling marks, water stains, paint and exposing the natural grain.

Steelwork, Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals

Steel fabrications, steel buildings, road bridges, lamp posts, car body shells, engine parts, casings, motor cycles, boats, trailers, industrial tractors, agricultural tractors, agricultural machinery, industrial plant, site machinery, vehicle chassis, wheels, tipper trucks, commercial wagons, commercial vehicles, railway carriages, railway engines, heritage vehicles, steel tanks, steel fences, railings, fire escapes and household items. After cleaning we offer paint spraying to steel surfaces.

Cast Iron and Wrought Iron

Ornamental iron work, wrought ironwork, gates, railings, garden furniture, radiators and fireplaces. After cleaning we can also offer a paint service.

And please remember that we undertake all aspects of property maintenance and building facelifts, restoration and conservation including re-pointing, sealing and painting, that compliment our blast cleaning services.

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Recently Completed Work

Sandblasting- Before
Sandblasting - After
Oak Beam Cleaning - Before
Oak Beam Cleaning - After
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